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Always an example, Jesus showed us that people need rest, quiet, and renewal. These important components affect the quality of each of our lives. From time to time Jesus Himself would retreat to a place of beauty and peace. He would travel to the home of his friends Lazarus, Mary and Martha. He performed miracles at this home. This is where He raised Lazarus from the dead. This was a special place. It was called Bethany.

As a connection to the place of our name, the place of our inspiration, we strive to offer a peaceful place of hospitality where each is drawn closer to their potential. Bethany Center is a place of spiritual renewal and education. We support the ministries of the Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg and our greater ecumenical and secular communities. We welcome all faith traditions as well as civic, professional and other organizations.

Bethany Center Welcomes You.

Please take the time to learn about Bethany Center by exploring our website. Take advantage of the options available to make reservation inquiries on this site. We would love to see you in person. You are invited to come by and experience our wonderful center and hospitality first hand.